Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aveda sponsors AIDS walk in Camden

For beautiful eyes look for the good in others
For beautiful lips speak only words of kindness
For Poise walk with the certainty that you are never alone

I like this alot. I decided to be the makeup artist and therapist at the Aids Walk for Children. It was really nice, I went with three other girls we set up an AVEDA booth and gave free hand and arm massages and makeup touches to the peole that were walking. It was such an experience to meet these children that have AIDS, but not only to meet them but to meet the people that adopted them ( most were born with it and placed for adoption or taken from the birth mothers who had drug problems).. It was veryt inspirational for me to meet all these people that loved them. I think it is so sad to come into the world with a death sentence but everyone is here for a reason and God will protect them with angels. We are everyday angels and we should all try to just give back a little bit more

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