Sunday, July 20, 2008

Power of Touch


What is the power of touch anyway?

Science tells us that a touch triggers the release of brain endorphins: an endogenous analgesic more powerful than heroin or morphine. But touch is more than just a scientific confluence of brain chemicals.

My late grandmother used to tell me that the only way to tame a wild cat was to rub the cat's forehead several times. One day, a relative from the mountain village gave my family a wild female cat. She was small but fierce. Nobody in the house dared to touch her.

Grandma's wisdom compelled me to try. I approached the cat. Initially, she would jump and would bend its body and tail in rage. Meanwhile, a loud, ferocious cry would come out from her vicious mouth. Each time I attempted to touch her, she would run away. Eventually I prevailed. She later gave in and allowed me to rub her forehead: initially, for a few seconds, then for a few minutes.

After a few days, she considerably softened that she would allow me to rub her head almost no end. Eventually she became my pet. We became very close that she would run to meet me when I come from school and would convey a lonely cry when I depart. Yes, like real close friends.

A touch can indeed tame a wild animal. But can it tame and soften a disturbed child? A study shows that children who have not been hugged enough have a tendency to be violent and aggressive compared to those who receive hug more often.

Perhaps, there is more to hug and touch than just release of endorphins.

A touch provides comfort in a freezing night. It makes us feel secure because it unites us with an affectionate, loving, and feeling human being. The warmth it brings is better than the warmth a fireplace can provide.

A touch shields us from the worries of today because of the confidence it brings. Like internet, it allows high-speed access to another soul.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to the Ocean...a jersey shore spa destination on location treatment

So here is my specialty back treatment
I start by using an invigorating body wash and I wash your back, cover with hot towels and remove.
I then rub a dead sea scrub into your skin which feels like a massage on the ocean.
I give you a vigorous head massage and tug your hair playing with it in my hands
I remove salt treatment and rub aloe with a paintbrush up and down your spine and all the inches of your back
Then massage you with heated oils
This is available all over the body too, if that is what youd like ; )

On Massages and Intimacy

I think with every massage there is a certain chemistry between the therapist and the client. It is so intimate to touch and be touched. I love to feel the energy between my body and anothers... To take in all the responses to touch and the energy that flows between us. It is unihibited sensual and so very neccesary especially with all the problems in the world today. To me massage is all about healing letting go and its something that I am very passionate about. One on One time with any client is something special to me to explore without boundries- an escape from a very complicated and harsh world. Most of my clients I go to the Atlantic City casinos to see. I walk in the casino after valeting my car and I am surrounded by madness-machines, money, etc. I can feel anxiousness and greeed all around me. And that is where my heling has led me to. I am a nuturer in every sense. To nuture another to me, is a moment of true peace and serenity.
Available for private sessions- 609 892 0031

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello Atlantic Cityfrom Brenda at 609 892 0031

Hey everyone!!! How are things in Atlantic City? Well, first and foremost I love the Water Club where I have been doing a couple of massages lately and I am loving esalen massage as well. Basically I love going to the water club at the borgata for esalen sessions! I have two girls who are consistently working with me for the four handed and couples massage. I decided I should add special treatments to each massage, such as a back treatment or customized AVEDA facial. Yesterday I went to Rizzieri Aveda School and got a massage for 60 minutes which was just completly blissful. Hot towels, nice creams and alot of full body strokes from my head to my feet drifing over all the rest of my body. Then I preceded to ree3ive a 30 minute facial with a specialized eye zone treatment. It was magnificent! There is nothing like getting a massage and facial with hands and brushes all over your body. So I incorporate all of that into my treatmnets, basically what I like to feel is what I give. Every client is different though and I always go with what I feel inside and the chemistry of our two energies and bodies drifting together for the moment in time we share. Call me at 609 892 0031 to be sure to share these very special moments with me

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now working with two more therapists

Hi guys, just in case you are interested I am working with two other therapists, Becki who is 18 and an excellent therapist and two others. Becki can come to your AC location bring table oils linens music and do a 60 or 90 minute massage for you. I work with Vanessa who comes with me for a lot of the 4 handed too. I am available alone as well. I hadnn;t been working much in the past few months but I am back and bet than ever!! I love to do skin treatments, like a warm algae mask. Basically it is painted all over your body in a slow rythmic way after being heated and then you are wrapped or cooconned as I like to call it as i massage your face, feet and scalp. It is out of this world!! I love doing sensual massages
Give me a call over the weekend I tried to add some new pics of me but couldnt figure out how... Oh well. If you email me privately Ill send to you
MY CELL 609 892 0031---dont be a stanger!!