Friday, July 27, 2007

Sensual massage, just that sensual, not of a sexual nature--a big misunderstanding!!!

With sensual massage, the skin being the largest sense organ of the body, thereby explaining why we have such a strong, innate need for sensual touch. Yes, we all have the "need" for touch. Consider how a child is reassured by a warm hug, how holding the hand of a loved brings feelings of comfort, or how a sensual massage back rub eases away tension. The simplest physical contact from a sensual massage therapist can trigger emotional and mental connections in return. The benefits of a sensual massage, especially a erotic sensual massage between lovers, are thus magnified. Ultimately, a sensual massage reduces stress levels and is believed to be highly beneficial for overall health. A massage that is done by a registered sensual massage therapist can improve circulation, the immune system and brain functions. Sensual massage is suggested to soothe muscles, headaches and certain allergies. It has even been credited with aiding the digestive and nervous systems.
Let's first unlock the differences between various types of sensual massage.
1. Deep tissue massage is mainly used for sports.
2. Therapeutic massage is to relax and/or produce healthful benefits.
3. Swedish massage utilizes the entire hand in generally flowing movements to work muscles.
4. Shiatsu massage is a Japanese method of using the fingers to knead pressure points.
5. Sensual massage therapy holds the purpose of simply soothing, relaxing and stimulating the senses.
A sensual massage should be anything but rushed. Take the time to truly savor the entire sensual massage process. If assuming the role of "receiver," put aside all worries and responsibilities. Just bask in all the incredible sensations to experience.

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