Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Now working with two more therapists

Hi guys, just in case you are interested I am working with two other therapists, Becki who is 18 and an excellent therapist and two others. Becki can come to your AC location bring table oils linens music and do a 60 or 90 minute massage for you. I work with Vanessa who comes with me for a lot of the 4 handed too. I am available alone as well. I hadnn;t been working much in the past few months but I am back and bet than ever!! I love to do skin treatments, like a warm algae mask. Basically it is painted all over your body in a slow rythmic way after being heated and then you are wrapped or cooconned as I like to call it as i massage your face, feet and scalp. It is out of this world!! I love doing sensual massages
Give me a call over the weekend I tried to add some new pics of me but couldnt figure out how... Oh well. If you email me privately Ill send to you
MY CELL 609 892 0031---dont be a stanger!!

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