Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Massages and Intimacy

I think with every massage there is a certain chemistry between the therapist and the client. It is so intimate to touch and be touched. I love to feel the energy between my body and anothers... To take in all the responses to touch and the energy that flows between us. It is unihibited sensual and so very neccesary especially with all the problems in the world today. To me massage is all about healing letting go and its something that I am very passionate about. One on One time with any client is something special to me to explore without boundries- an escape from a very complicated and harsh world. Most of my clients I go to the Atlantic City casinos to see. I walk in the casino after valeting my car and I am surrounded by madness-machines, money, etc. I can feel anxiousness and greeed all around me. And that is where my heling has led me to. I am a nuturer in every sense. To nuture another to me, is a moment of true peace and serenity.
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cjs70 said...

You sound almost to good to be true! I'm a very stressed man & have had three back surgery's & fold tension all through my body. I have had many massages & have only found 1 lady that took me to a heavenly & peaceful place & the next time I called for a massage she had moved. I think I would really like to try your services. Just reading your website has relaxed me, I can't imagine what a whole session with you would do for me.