Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello Atlantic Cityfrom Brenda at 609 892 0031

Hey everyone!!! How are things in Atlantic City? Well, first and foremost I love the Water Club where I have been doing a couple of massages lately and I am loving esalen massage as well. Basically I love going to the water club at the borgata for esalen sessions! I have two girls who are consistently working with me for the four handed and couples massage. I decided I should add special treatments to each massage, such as a back treatment or customized AVEDA facial. Yesterday I went to Rizzieri Aveda School and got a massage for 60 minutes which was just completly blissful. Hot towels, nice creams and alot of full body strokes from my head to my feet drifing over all the rest of my body. Then I preceded to ree3ive a 30 minute facial with a specialized eye zone treatment. It was magnificent! There is nothing like getting a massage and facial with hands and brushes all over your body. So I incorporate all of that into my treatmnets, basically what I like to feel is what I give. Every client is different though and I always go with what I feel inside and the chemistry of our two energies and bodies drifting together for the moment in time we share. Call me at 609 892 0031 to be sure to share these very special moments with me

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